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My collection is born and created from pendants and brooches of Antique Mourning jewelry, hand carved genuine shell Cameos and hand painted Miniature Portraits crafted and loved a very long time ago...

There is Artisan carved gemstones intricately carved bone and lots of hand drilled and strung gems and pearls! Each one of a kind piece is done entirely by hand.


I’ve been a collector and creator of beautiful imagery my entire life. I studied and majored in fine arts at the School of Visual Arts, and Jewelry Design at FIT in New York City. I went on to become a Figurative Painter, Graphic designer and Jewelry designer.


All of my life, faces, both animal and human, along with skulls are some of my favorite subjects. My cameo pendants juxtaposed with miniature skulls and bejeweled eyes, adorned with pearls and gemstones serve as a triangular frame that draws the eye down to the face below the face.


Bone endures, it remains when the rest of the body has gone away. The skull reminds us there was a soul who once lived there. They along with portraits contain our myths, our stories and our history.


Many of my cameo and Victorian Mourning pieces are quite rare dating to Edwardian and Victorian times. Some when I can find them are portraits of ancient Goddesses and Gods.


I believe there is a Goddess in every woman and my work celebrates her in us all.


So from mine to yours, may you wear these rare beauties in good health and much happiness.

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